Arduino Code (Again)

Please help me on my Arduino code! It doesn't work!

Basically, in the code, it is supposed to be the player's turn. After 5 seconds, the turn switches to the AI. But it doesn't work for some reason.

Please help me.

Shouldn't you ask this on the Arduino Forum?

Try now.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

OK, I need help...again.
My code isn't working as intended.
Here's the project with the code.

This is also kind of like a bump.

Um...I wonder if anyone might help.

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It really hard to look at such code

if (AINum == PlayerNum)
           Round1Num = PlayerNum;
           Round1Num = PlayerNum;

instead of just Round1Num = PlayerNum;
With a bit of tinkering, there is really nothing more than below, but with all this redundant code it's hard to grasp.

int RoundNum[6]

void ThinkingModule()
    if (Round == 1){
       PlayerPrev = random(1, 5 + 1);

    RoundNum[ Round] = PlayerNum;
    AINum = PlayerPrev;
    PlayerPrev =  PlayerNum;
    if (Round == 5){