April fools! PIXELSNAP is out!

i decided to release it early

These are the current project notes:

Welcome to PIXELSNAP

This is a drawing game that i made

Here are the controls...

(Press Z for the player controls)

How to draw:

  1. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor

  2. Press the space key to start drawing!

(in co-op mode use the WASD keys and the C key to draw)

How to erase:

  1. press the e button

  2. use the tool as you would a normal one!

How to change the color:

  1. The color is black at default (You can change it back to black by pressing 0.)

  2. Here are the number keys that will change the color:

1 key - Red

2 key - orange

3 key - yellow

4 key - green

5 key - blue

  1. Start drawing!


made by sladescar

Play it here! PIXELSNAP

@bh can you put this in the Art Project category on Snap! please

He has to evaluate it though. To see if it deserves to be on the Snap! front page.


One of my animations were on the Snap! front page. Not to brag, but it took a long time before someone (Presumably bh or jens) put it on the front page.

So I guess you'd have to wait a long time for yours to get posted.

That long time might have been evaluating time for the mods to decide if it deserves to go on the front page.

Here it is: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i guess, PIXELSNAP isn't an animation though, its a project where you can MAKE art.

I know, but the point was that you'd probably have to wait a long time for the moderators to decide whether it deserves to be on the front page.

well did you ask them to put it on the front page

No I didn't. They still did. But I don't mind.

It's very nice of them.

Cool !

1st editor with integrated music !

Are you ok for the color picker ?



nice!, color picker coming soon