Anyspotlight info

I made a project for anyspotlight
Check it out

bro howd you get that project in there?

What does this have to do with Snap?

And why the heck am I required to enter my email?

For me to contact you, I case of something

Submit the form

You can just use the forum. Please don't require emails just to submit a project.

agreed, some people mignt not want to give email

i found out how to put a proj in the forums: just quote this or the origina poste thean copy-paste and edit!

Actually, just press the Embed button below the stage:

Then you click the​:clipboard:Copy button next to the Embed Code field.

Finally, you paste it into the forum.

You can modify the width and height as well
<iframe width="100%" height="500px" ...

@mrdev88 Please remove the email field. Off-site meetings are not allowed.

ok, I will make it not required but I can't contact you, now you submit your project now. Thanks

What does that mean



ok, if you want to submit your project, you can do it now

OK, I changed it

you are right now
you don't need the email.

you are not allowed to share links, projects, or anything that allows communication off-site.
its a rule.
remove the email field.