Anyone got game ideas for me?

i don't have any ideas for my next game

Would this help? (EDIT, deleting 2, making new reply for them.)

Here are the other 2.

tic-tac-toe (2 players or 1 player vs computer)

What about a rhythm game (you can inspire from Friday Night Funkin')?

Making a platformer engine is usually what I do or any engine really and then I just work from there

A burger.

You play as the bottom bun, then parts fall down like the patty and the cheese, and it's a high-score based game, so you catch as many burger parts as you can.

A rouge like game search it up

Just restating them, because the other posts seems to be ignoring mine.

I don't think they are. I just think that they don't feel the need to add something to the conversation.

Then why have there been NO REPLIES to my posts other than your 1 reply, which this reply is a reply to?

... Just because they don't NEED to doesn't mean that they can't.