Any way to save a game beyond 10MB?

I only just figured out that a forum for snap existed about a week ago
I've had problems while making my GHOSTS game a while back.
We seem to have come across that issue whilst making Among Us.
Is it possible for us to save anything beyond 10MB?

you can save the file to your computer, but other than that, there's no way to save it to the snap cloud.

Dang. Alright, thank you though.

When you save it to your computer, tell me how big the file is. Are we talking 15Mb or 150Mb?

for among us probably 20MB

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Oh- I didn't even check until now, but..
GHOSTS is 44.6Mb

Yeah this probably won't work


It's a lot..

I don't even know whats causing that..
I barely added anything.
Screenshot 2021-04-17 9.42.24 AM

ah, accidental deletion of code, import one to Snap!