Any way to import this without it looking like a blurry mess?

this is the size of the pic

this is the pic

this is what it looks like in snap

any way i can make snap not do that?

You can try splitting it into multiple 480x360 sprites. I think you may also be able to use the sprite anchoring system.

Unfortunately, snap displays sprites like that. You'd have to either, use an svg (vector) image, or draw the image using pen. I don't know of any other meathod to fixing it. I'd also suggest using a png, since that's a lossless image format, which means, it won't lose quality. Jpeg is a lossy format, which loses quality.

I'd say it isn't a lossless format.

If you read here JPEG - Wikipedia It says jpeg is a lossy compresion format

First of all, the sprites used were PNGs, this only happens in snap. Second, I found a way to somewhat remedy this, which is increasing the stage size.

It now looks like this

Hopefully this can help someone else in the future.

That looks amazing! Off-topic: what it for…

I think the underlying issue is anti-aliasing by the browser. Jens tells me there's no way to turn that off.

I don't think so. There must be a way, although, I don't know much about it to know for sure.

Thanks, it's just a little something I put together for a uni assignment. I found the assets on

It is possible to use nearest sampling when drawing scaled images. The property is called imageSmoothingEnabled if I recall correctly. But even with this property disabled, which makes it use nearest neighbor sampling, the level would look weird anyway since it’s downscaling the image to the stage size, which is by 480x360 default.

Got it, thanks.

What did they do to the picture of the cat‽ (jk)

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