Any way to Create/Delete/Modify sprites using blocks?

I need a block or a JS script to somehow Create/Delete/Modify sprites on "Snap!"
(Technically i'm requesting a feature, but i wanna be unique...)

Is there a function to Create/Delete/Modify sprites?

The way to create a sprite programmatically is with A CLONE OF. If you don't want it to be a clone of another sprite, you can later
untitled script pic
(There's a "my" submenu in the pulldown menu for SET.)

Clones created programmatically start out as "temporary." Among other things, this means that clicking either the stop sign or the green flag will delete them. If that's not what you want,
untitled script pic (1)

If the sprite is a temporary clone, you can delete it with the DELETE THIS CLONE. (If it isn't, use SET MY TEMPORARY? before you delete it.)

There are many ways to modify sprites! For example, MOVE 10 STEPS modifies its position. So you'd have to be more specific about what kind of modification you want.

i finally made this block to create sprites :smiley:

I might be able to share this project and make future blocks with it!

You can also TELL A NEW CLONE OF myself TO ....

there is a reporter version of that block and you should probably use that instead of last of clones

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