Any way to change mouse icon?

I am making a recreation of blooket (search it up) in snap! and want to add a button for question answering, and when your mouse hovers over the button, I need it to switch mouse costumes :)

There are two ways to make this work correctly, but they both involve JavaScript. :frowning:

One way is to use these 2 scripts for a new sprite. This tells the document that "this cursor should be pointing at the options."


The other way is to add this to the Stage. The only difference is that "mouse-entered" makes the cursor disappear. This tells the document that "this cursor should be invisible if it's in the Stage area." You should also add another sprite called "CursorSprite" or anything you desire. I prefer this for more custom cursors.


argh. i'm surprised they added literal dialogs that are part of the GUI (not the actual project) and not this.

The main reason why I don't think they added this, was because there is (currently) no way to even change the cursor style in morphic.js, although I have added it in my fork (and I have a pull request to add it, but idk if it'll ever get merged). Also, adding dialogs is more important that changing the cursor style.

oh :)

Wdym? Just use regular JavaScript to hide it and have a morph follow it

The better thing to do is to use the browser cursor style to keep the user's preferences for their cursor size, color, heck even shape. Plus, something following the mouse usually has a very small delay (just look at dragging a block), so it may not feel right.

Tbh I don't think Jens works on morphic.js anymore

He does, but it's not very often.