Any list that has blocks cannot be blockified?

the "blockify" option turns ""any"" list into blocks


but for some reason, now, any list that contains blocks no longer has this option.


my personal theory is that blockifying "my scripts" could lag out snap a ton if you have a lot of scripts, "my blocks" is understandable, but you can blockify costume pixel sheets and snap barley slows down, so i dont see why a list of blocks with less then 10% of the amount of data would be an issue. this wasnt the case before so i dont see why it is now

ps: when i origonally found this i thought it was only with the "my" block thats why this topic kinda sticks on that point

That's because it doesn't blockify the full list, the max is 100 items (per list).

i didnt know that, when i did it before it gave me the full 1.6k item list
still im 99% sure this wasnt the case before

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