Any ideas how to make this 3d game faster?

I lately programmed this 3d game. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks But it's performance isn't very well. It's probably because it needs to calculate the rotation and z-clipping of about 162 triangles, but maybe there are any ideas on how to make it any faster? I'm happy for every advice.

hi, you can use Turbo Mode.
to use turbo mode as default:
get this block
set the first one to "turbo mode":
and then set it to true:

You are knowledgeful as a new guy!

yeah... but I got some Snap advice from Swee! plus I was looking around at snap's blocks.

Somehow the FPS don't seem to change. I still get about 15. That's probably because I already put the main part of the program in a warp block so it is already executed as fast as possible. Turbo Mode does the same for all scripts but the remaining ones don't seem to create much lag. But thank you very much for your suggestion I'm definitely gonna leave it inside my project.

do not use warp. it makes it lag because it tries to make the script end as fast as possible. use turbo mode for better preformance

You actually can't do that, because then you will see how the objects are painted, which you couldn't before. The scripts just aren't executed fast enough.

Since when did they change it