Any ideas for a new project

I have not been able to come up with ` ideas and that is why i have barely been on snap lately. Please give some ideas. Ps. @mr_owlssssnap2 likes drama. PsPs. he wanted me to post that end part


you told me that you liked drama tho

Casuis shhhhh

Say what?

He's making it sound like I like starting drama, I just like to watch it happen, not start it

Hm...So if there is an argument here on the forums, you'd just say "I'll just grab myself a bag of popcorn and see the mayhem unfold".

Yeah, I said that, kinda regret saying that, but yeah, if I can't stop it, I'll watch it

I've seen it before. And I kinda hate people who do that. Not in them, but in the comment. I kinda hate the comments.


Can i please just have some ideas

Hmm, how about trying to make a Pokemon-esque battle project?

whats that

Like, the battle parts of Pokemon


A project that helped me learn a lot in Snap was making a 'candy crush' type game. Involved a lot of abstraction which made me a better programmer.

You can make some sort of AI horror game or puzzle game where you have to solve tasks from a constantly evolving AI that learns from your previous actions. Kind of like Hello Neighbor.