Ants simulation

Funny simulation about ants

Ant v1.0
Ant v1.1 with clones

When the take a bite in food i used the "cut from" block

I use the block "ray length to" to determine where the ant can bite the food

Very Nice!

AFAIK ants tend to wander around looking for food at first, and once it has been found and the succesful ant has returned to the nest, other ants will follow its trace. Does this help to make the simulation even more realistic?

No, when a clone of ant is created, it will be assigned to a base and a food. When food is empty, all the ants assigned to this food is assigned to another food...

Great project. The only thing is that you forgot to turn off dragabillity for food, ants and burrowed holes.

Love it! The only weird part is if, on the way to a food thingy, it happens to pass over another (perhaps newly created) food thingy, it ignores that one and continues on to its original destination.

I was wondering what would happen when they run out of food, but that never happens if you keep creating new food!