Another Game of life

I was inspired by @cookieclickerer33's project Conway's game of life, with a twist!, so I made my own implimentation of the game of life using lists. here it is!


Press flag to set up project, press space to play/pause. Click on the board to change the cell, and press e to select cell type.

the ruleset is fully customizable inside the Game of Cellular Automata script pic and Game of Cellular Automata script pic (1) variables. the Game of Cellular Automata script pic variable has the actual ruleset, the Game of Cellular Automata script pic (1) variable has the cell colours. Simplified rulesets only need the default cell colours though.

simplified rulesets are made by having the first item of Game of Cellular Automata script pic be "L". They work in the Born/Survive format, as in B3/S23 for Life. Instead of having it as one text string though, the second item of Game of Cellular Automata script pic is the B rule and the third item is the S rule. If you don't already know about life-like cellular automata rulesets, here you go

The helper blocks for complex rulesets are very simple blocks, they usually just report a list of their inputs, but they're designed to make complex rulesets more readable.

if you want to know more just ask about it.

didnt cookie alr do this

I mentioned that in the post.

Edit: my information was wrong, so look at the wikipedia article instead. All of what I said was pretty much just me guessing (I only knew about conway's game of life, I didn't actually know who john conway was).

Keep in mind that conways game of life is something conway (I think a math guy) created decades, if not, centuries ago. It has also been remade millions of times by different people, with different rules, and more. The idea is not owned by anyone, so anyone can create their own version.

I added positional conditions, so a cell can change based on the positions of its neighbors, rather than just the quantity.

Also: I just added a drawing feature, check the instructions in the main post for instructions

john conway, yes he was a math guy

JOHN CONWAY!! He is super cool and one of my favorite mathematicians. He did stuff with finite groups, knots... so many cool things. He died in 2020, RIP.

Not to mention, he invented Conway numbers! (Look it up.)

John Conway was a brilliant mathematician and he sadly passed of Covid 19 in 2020 he didn’t make the game of life a couple hundred years ago

Yeah, most od what I said was just educated guesses (I assumed he was a math guy, so that was pretty much all I got correct). I did also leave a link to the wikipedia article, so people can get the true information.