Another Experiment

Alright, after trying it a couple times, I've decided that the first experiment thread was pretty much a failure, but that's ok.

So, as I said at the end of that thread, I will try again, but instead of trying to force people to leave here, I'll leave the discussion here and just do what I do anyway on twitch.

One of the failure points is I didn't really have a game plan and it showed.

So I was thinking, given I stream VERY roughly 24 hours a week, that could be (also very roughly) considered a full term of university lectures. So I got to thinking, why not. If I break each stream down into a couple of lectures and a tutorial section, I could create a game plan that I may or may not stick to.

The plus side of this, is I can record on twitch and then edit it down onto youtube, and if this works, cover more topics.

Assuming it works of course lol.

Anyway. So I have two overall goals in mind.

  1. Show off how ridiculously powerful Snap! actually is.
  2. Build a snap library that improves it's costume editor to match the one currently in scratch and then further, I'm thinking a tile editor to start with, because after all, what is a BMP aside from a list of pixels forming tile, and each tile has four properties, namely Red, Green, Blue, Alpha. (As usual, not quite, but close enough(For Now))

So, the question is what topics should I cover. I'm also not sure some of the topics will even get to two hours, they might, but they might not, and if I'm using snap at the same time, talking and demonstrating, I might not need to separate lecture and tutorial.

Though things like Line drawing alone have a pretty big rabbit hole just waiting to devour the unprepared.

Reviving this before it gets auto-locked.

I'm still thinking about this on and off, but am not sure where to start.
"Lesson One" at a baseline would be showing how to build blocks that create shapes and then adding in the ability to use the mouse to use those blocks and variable x,y co-ordinates can create shape, and that by saving the actions into a list you could undo/redo and/or manipulate the shape further

"Lesson Two" is where I falter a little, because well, my ideal paint program is MSPaint, but with a couple more features added, but the point was if people start spitballing ideas then I can maybe figure out a larger gameplan beyond extremely vague ideas.

you want an svg editor project

idk how much this helps but u shld take a look at my custom blocks project. you might find some stuff there useful. i have stuff like flood fill, clipping masks and more

Yes and No, mostly no.

It's mostly intent on teaching and demonstrating the ideas. If this works at some point I want to go deeper, but a "simple" art program that can be extended is a great starting point, I want to atleast make snaps svg editor in line and perhaps a little better than the one in scratch, but also with more

As I said, I'm going to livestream it and then chop it up on youtube, but there's plenty of rabbitholes to get stuck in, like drawing a simple line from X,Y to X,Y can get needlessly complicated, for example.