ANØDE Version 1.2, out now!


ANØDE v1.2 is now available!

The new update includes more bug fixes, a major update to the title screen, updates to how rain works, updates to inventory, new items, loadout visible on the title screen, and much more!

Expect these new things in the next updates:

  • Reduced file size on cloud network
  • Improved graphics
  • Settings
  • More SFX, sounds, and music
  • More items
  • More buildings
  • Side quests (maybe)
  • More skins
  • More weapons
  • Larger map

Oh and here's what the title screen looks like now.

We are open to suggestions and feedback!

Play ANØDE Today! ANØDE v1.2

Official Hyposyn Website: Hyposyn Website

im gonna try and make my mod anode 1.2

I did it


Fix the switch to scene scripts in each scene


you should add touch compatibility

ill think about it