ANØDE Version 1.1 Is here!

ANØDE v1.1 is finally out!

This update includes bug fixes, major and minor changes and more! (See more info in-game)

Thank you for your feedback and have fun!

Any thoughts?

still needs a better movement engine

jesus this game is dark and would not fly on scratch lol

are there any jumpscares?

no its not a horror game

ok good. i don't really like horror games. frankly, i think jumpscares are sort of annoying at times because they are overused in video games.

yeah, agreed

i added some things and changed the story line a bit

Aight ill check it after school, Thanks!

Didn't think it would fly on here lmao. Its first of its kind on Snap!

Planing on making a way better system in anode II, but ill improve the current one soon on anode I

I like it, It seems there are more than 2 endings or no? Ill keep looking through it but i like it a lot!
I got so sad watching dave die dawg :sob:

v1.2 is being worked on right now...

yeah theres 4 possible endings, one if you skip the intro to the last part, one if you dont, one if you sh**t when he tells you not too, and if you decide to not kill the last guy in the game.

I wanted to make it where dave can run away if you kill bob first, but i didnt. Also, if you kill bob first you'll get different text (doesnt affect any endings tho)

i thought that said :poop: for a second

i dont wanna get possibly (school) flagged for it

Im going to make a new ending with a new anode mod.

you would be flagged on the forum as well, cussing is no longer allowed

He wasn't cussing, he was saying shoot.