Announcement system of Indian Railways

This is the first project made by me.

Announcement System of Indian Railways

I was hearing the announcement every time when I go the station. So I recorded and make it here.


At first press the 'F' Key then type the You want as your train number, train name, From, To, Via, Platform no, and time. Then press 'H' to produce the sentence. (this will work with time) Then press 'A' key to produce announcement. Then press 'space' or 'up-arrow' or 'down-arrow' to Play the Super Fast Express or Express or Local Trains' announcement respectively. You will see your announcement playing.


Thanks for Reading

Click this link to see the project .

If any one checked this?

Yes, but I am confused as to how this is supposed to work.

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At first press 'F' key then press 'H' key then press 'A' key then press 'space' or 'up arrow' or 'downarrow'.

Did anyone check this out?
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I did! :+1:

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Did anyone check out?

bromagosa did

This project does not exist.

I am on it. Will be available between 2-3 days

Hmm... It doesn't exist again.

Updated the link! You can use the link now.

There will be update on next week. There also will be a maintenance to update the announcement. Will be put in maintenance mode on 03.11.19

It keeps loading on my side, is your project down? or my internet issue?

It keeps loading

It loaded on my end.

It must work check it now.

Any one tried my project.

I was busy developing a bot in Python 3.8.2 .
I didn't had enough time to develop here.
Sorry for any kind of inconvenience.

Try my project in GitHub.

I have a hard time understanding this. The code doesn't really work.

Yes, confusion also.