Animation library easing types are reversed

This is technically a bug with the library itself but it’s a bug none the less
Anyway, the easing types on the library are all reversed
For example “cubic in” actually behaves like a cubic out easing, and “cubic out” works like a cubic in easing

All easing types are like this where the in and out are reversed. This should be fixable by a quick change to the library but I fear that it would reverse all already used blocks’ easing types.

As I already said this is a bug with the library not really snap but still it was rather confusing to me.

I can provide an example if needed but it shouldn’t be too hard to just look yourself

Always good to provide a minimal example of possible bugs

It shouldn't, because the blocks don't know they came from a library, so they'll keep the old version, unless the project creator decides to update the blocks.

Well it’s not really possible to do that. It’s such a basic thing I can’t really provide any example apart from “test it yourself”

It seems that the easing function in "animation setter" is called for the time remaining until the end of the animation but should use time already spent.

Funnily enough I only know this because in the game geometry dash, there’s move triggers and they have easing values that I use all the time, they work correctly and are the exact same as these apart from the fact they are named incorrectly