Angles Game

A simple game for estimating angles :slightly_smiling_face:

I did for my class (8-9 years old)

Nice project

Brilliant idea :smiley: your students after 10 minutes of play will remember angles forever.
I see 2 issues:

  1. "when clicked" is fired when the button is released so some "lag" is perceived. Maybe "pressed" will be a better choice.
  2. Stage do not receive mouse events when covered by some sprite. I've clicked several times exactly at the "Line1" without any result :worried:. So every sprite should listen to mouse events and recast to be handled. Or, the entire Stage can be covered by 100% ghost sprite, moved to the front, to capture the mouse.

Thanks a lot for your comments and solutions, I'll give it another shot :+1:

Nice game. I found it disconcerting that for my second try the angle starts at my previous try, so if my first try was too big I end up seeing mentally an angle that's 360 plus the real angle, and if my first try was too small I have to bang on the mouse twice really quickly. I would have it restart from the zero point the second time.

I envy you the 8-9-year-olds!

I agree, it's a bit disconcerting and at the same time difficult, especially if on the first try you are close to the target angle. I'll try to fix that too. Thanks for the suggestions.