An Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking - book resource for novices

"An Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking - Algorithmics (HESS) Student Guide" book is an introduction to the theory of Computer Science and for those who enjoy the challenge of solving problems and puzzles involving logic, reasoning and imagination. The author's intent is to inspire the reader to learn how to think about problems in an abstract way, and to explore the different ways algorithmic and computational solutions can be found and expressed in pseudocode.*

The following coding languages are used for detailed examples throughout this text:
• Snap! developed by The University of California, Berkeley, USA.
• SnapApps/Edgy (includes extensive graph functionality) Edgy: Graph Algorithms developed by Melbourne University, Australia
• Python using the Trinket online coding environment Python 3

**A preview of the new edition is available here:

**Purchase new edition and current edition online from:

**Take care to purchase the edition you are interested in. The edition for the Algorithmics (HESS) 2022 curriculum will be available until the end of September and then will be withdrawn from Lulu and from Amazon at that time.

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Will there be a Kindle (Amazon) or Nook (Barnes & Noble) or Apple Books edition of the new book?

Hello Mark, there are no immediate plans for an ebook version at this stage. The ebook requires a different style of formatting I believe. Georgia

Hey um, by chance is this book free?

Not sure if that link worked free Snap! materials are here

The book is available in hardware form only, so has to be printed and shipped etc, so not free.

There are free resources for Snap! here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

You should check them out.

um ok thanks