An "interactive RGB 3D sliders" project (now really interactive thanks to Brian's idea)

Thanks to this Brian's idea (i.e. from another, unrelated project discussion, but now used also in this project), now my "RGB 3D sliders" project is really interactive.

(If opening it directly in Snap!, then make sure to set your browser Zoom setting to 50% (in Chrome), otherwise you won't be able to see it whole stage because it is very big (it has to be in order for pen to move up to 255 steps along each one of the three axes).)

did you say you like tinkering with stuff so do i

Tinkering is great, I agree.

friends. By the way my dad builds houses

what are you suppose to do?

Hmm, I am not kid anymore, but as a kid I was raised up by my parents who were both teachers so I am good only at reading, writing and translating books, and not much else (although I ended up working as a GIS database specialist and analyst). I wish I had skills for building houses (or at least my wife would want me to, because she would like to live in one instead of living in an apartment).

lol! what is GIS database? i love my dads work i am going to work with him when i am older also i would love to have skills on building

Real challenge:
Make this in scratch

also not to be rude do you want to be friends

hve you seen my projects called never feel left out and pay attention

make what

I think for kids it is better to make friends with their own peers, not grownups, even if/when missing their dad because he's busy with his work.

I hope I was not too rude.

I haven't seen it. Probably you have not shared and published (because both needs to be done in order for other people to be able to see) your projects?