An Experiment (Livecoding with Snap! on Twitch)

Hello! So I thought, instead of lurking in the forums every now and again and complaining, I thought I would try something else to see if I can unbreak my brain in regards to snap!

So. I currently stream on twitch, and thought, given I just completed the Lara Croft Survivor Trilogy 100% x3 LARGE games and I'm too broke to buy Horizon Forbidden West yet. I thought I'd try an experiment and mess around with snap! on stream and see where that takes me (for the rest of this week and likely next (probably nowhere) but whatever lol)

Now. Twitch is a 13+ site, but I am Australian and I swear. A LOT. I have to it's the ****** LAW (It's not, but you will seldom find an Aussie that disagrees, so preferably 18+ please)

Also, because for some reason, I have a suspicion I might be breaking a community guideline already, I won't link my twitch profile here, but I'm searchable under a similar name. My profile pic is of a gold monster. I also don't use a webcam.

So, with that out of the way, what should I start with (I'll keep the forums open too so if you don't really want to create a twitch profile (and I don't really blame you, we can argue here)) (and I'm happy to remove this topic or have it removed for me if it makes the mods uncomfortable)

This seems like it my brake the no offsite meetings rule, but it does sound like a cool idea.

Yeah, probably. Which is why I'm fine with it getting nuked and to be honest, expecting it, but iunno, better me trying something than complaining about abstraction I figure (I will never not complain about that mind you)

I still don't quite get what your problem is with abstraction, but I see where you're coming from.

Personally I think it should be fine, because twitch is a large platform, like youtube, that has it's own community guidelines, and it's all public. Plus, if you're gonna be coding in snap on it, then that's cool.

This is just my opinion though, I am not part of the snap team, so I don't know what they would tink.

fun fact

The no offsite meetings rules was originally created because users were creating cloud chat projects, and sometimes creating zoom meetings, which are not public, and don't have moderation (neither does cloud chat projects).

My general disinterest in hiding the mechanics behind computation to me tells me "Sorry Calli but the princess is in another castle and they won't tell you where it is or how to get there and how dare you ask" is creating such a massive brain drain in computational research because no-one understands just how BAD the information gap is and how big it's going to get when the older generation dies or retires or just stops contributing.

Anyway, I've said that multiple times already and that's NOT the point of this topic, so. Back to twitch.

Personally I think it should be fine, because twitch is a large platform, like youtube, that has it's own community guidelines, and it's all public

This too, I can't do anything more than swear, which is something I do a lot of offline anyway, and I don't use a cam anyway.

You're an adult. It's the children who mustn't use webcams. :~)

Yeah this is probably terrible but I'm not in the mood to enforce rules tonight. So

NOW HEAR THIS: I haven't met @callietastrophic in person and for all I know she'll turn out to be a man in a white van just waiting to kidnap you. So enjoy twitching but don't arrange offsite meetings without a parent present. We are not responsible for you being unsafe. Although we'd be sad if any of you got chopped up into little pieces and scattered through the forest.

Not sure which generation you mean, but mine is pretty much all retired already. :~/

Thanks. I have no intention of meeting anyone anyway. I just want to discuss code and mess with snap on stream until I cave and buy Horizon Forbidden West (Or I somehow get an idea working)

Right now I'm watching niche animation things that inspired me to want to code, because me messing around with an ide is kinda boring (and if I'm bored, therefore so are the viewers) and I keep hitting walls with what I want to show anyway.

What I want to do is give a demo of Snap! to those who are not familiar with it and write some stuff to do that and maybe unbreak my brain so I can write stuff that I want to use.

Cause I loooove snap, but it's not a game engine. It just isn't. It can however be used to build the tools to build that game engine, and that's a step 1.

What I will do is keep streaming for today, I'm finishing in a couple hours, try this again tomorrow and also when I stream next week, but leave discussion to this topic and not spam the forums again, beyond this one topic, assuming people keep posting here anyway. (Hahaha, nah lol)

I'm done for the day, I got stuck at a point and ragequit, which is a thing I always do lol.

So I'll be back at some point tomorrow, and then sometime next week trying this again, but I'll update this thread instead of spamming the forums any more than I already am lol.


Man, I missed that part lol. I saw the bold disclaimer and agreed with it and moved on to responding.

I live in australia, so I'm automatically too far away from any of you to do anything, and wouldn't want to anyway.

That said, I'm live again, trying this again. If there is anything to be learned from this is I'm stubbornly persistent, to the point of stupidity lol.

I need a game plan tho. So I'm going to try for a tile editor maybe?

There was this bizarre incident a few decades ago in which some idiot American teenager stole her parent's credit card and somehow managed to get on an airplane to, yes, Australia, to meet f2f with, yes, some Internet pen pal she wanted to marry.

Oh yeah, I'm aware of stuff like that. What I'm trying to say, is I absolutely understand that, and I personally will not do any of that and have no intention of doing anything of the sort, but that there are absolutely people out there that will do that and I dislike that that is very much a thing.

E XP Eri Ment Ation script pic

THe error is "reporter didn't report"

The internal of that block is

E XP Eri Ment Ation script pic (1)

What I'm trying to do is show that I can create a shape with a block and then add those blocks to a list and I'm obviously missing something/going about it the wrong way.

My goal today is a tile editor, with drag and drop. If I can get that maybe I can iunno start doing other things.

Swap call with run

Can't put a run block inside an "add to list" block, unless I also ringify that, in which case it'll add the command to the list.

Which I suppose I could then invoke the list... nah, same error

I’m slightly confused, you want to add the result of

to a list?

I figured it out in another thread. Pen Trails. So that's no longer the problem.

You're putting a command block in a call block with no report block. That's what the error is.

This will work

But this is even better for what you're doing.

That's what I'm doing, and saving it to a list called a with pen trails, and what I'm currently trying to do is take each item to a random location with a random colour and stamp, and it's doing everything but stamp the drawn images.