An easier way to make snap blocks in the forums.

It's too hard right now.

Could you please explain what you mean by "too hard" and what you are suggesting?

I just wanted to say that too!He said that we have to type "[scratchblocks]" everytime

@goodthingsaregood66 may have something else to say.


I think it's easier to type <scratchblocks> than [scratchblocks] or just <sb>

In a perfect world, someone would build a discourse plugin that would put a command block outline (just the shape, no contents) up above the editor text, with the emoji, the calendar, and the gear; it would open a menu of palette categories, with submenus with the actual blocks, and a way to make custom ones (just the outer appearance, not putting all of Snap! in Discourse!) and so on, so you wouldn't have to know the snapblocks syntax. I don't suppose someone has already made one for Scratch that we could use as a starting point?

I don't think this would ever get to the top of the list of staff projects, so y'all should build it.

Yes, the Scratch 2 forums has this.

The general bbcode editor:
The scratchblocks extension:

... but not for Discourse. Sounds like a good project @cycomachead for a UROP maybe?

Wait can we use sb tags No lol

Square brackets test:

No lol

[scratchblocks]when green flag clicked
if on edge bounce

It's just single regular expression:

*const sbRegEx = /(\[scratchblocks\]([^]*)\[\/scratchblocks\])/gm;*

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