An Announcement Regarding Block Fading

Could you please make an announcement about this cool new feature? For those who are wondering what this is and how to use it, well, why don't you try it yourself? Click the asterisk icon and click "Fade blocks...", choose a random number (I am personally using 100) and see what happens!

I love this feature


I love looking at it, it just looks so cool, but I don't like coding with it. I still want to keep it so I can mess around with it (lol).


Yes, the purpose of this feature is propaganda rather than actual use. It's for people who think blocks aren't "real code." And it's to let us do psychology experiments: If the block colors are less saturated, less little-kid colored, does that make people happier about the "real"ness? If we really wanted a text version of Snap!, we'd at least have to increase the indentation of the C-slots, preferably insert braces.