An alarm clock. In Snap. WHAT!?!?!

I have just made an alarm clock. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you shared your project? :slight_smile:

Huh. I don't know why that one doesn't work. Here.!!!!!!!!!!!

Still doesn't work. What's going on?

Oh. I see. Copy and paste the link, WITH the exclamation marks at the end, and enter that into the browser.

I don't know why it didn't include the exclamation marks at the end of the link.

Did you publish the project?

I found the link I just searched up alarm clock and found this:!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. I have.

Same link. It doesn't work, because it thinks the exclamation marks aren't part of the link.

I think you have to just search it up because the links don’t work..

Hmm I wonder why it doesn’t work..

Try this, URL with the :link:

Woah, how did you do that!?

How did you do that?


Ohh ok!!!!!!!!!!!