AMG2 Backup link

Regarding my last post, this is the link to the non-corrupted backup of my project:

Why isn't this in the original thread instead of a new one?

If I try to reply to someone's comment on my post with a link, it refuses and says something like "You can't post links here". Let me see if it works here...

I think that's a new-user restriction. Try again (in the other thread).

@ch how is your username 2 letters?
edit: found out how, to lazy to wait for approval

never mind, I cheated the system with an invisible character. @bh, you should fix this. (but don't ban this account and @ch please

Since I have a two-character name myself, I'm not super worried about this particular rule.

I mean, you're a developer.

I guess it is safe, as I have made multiple attempts to make an account called bh with the tags (I would say in my description that I AM NOT you), and it only works in snap itself, not the forums.
In the forums, it would be something like _bh bh1 bh2 and stuff like that. So there's no impersonating. Also, if you're fine with this... why not remove the "username must be at least 4 characters" or "post must be at least 5 characters"? (I'm not trying to be rude or complain btw)

Jens seems to think it's a good rule. I've been "bh" on every computer I've used since MIT-AI in 1965. Well, except for recent behemoths such as Google.

oh, does Jens know about the </span> and now the whitespace (aka invisible character) character name glitch?

Probably. Certainly he knows that such names don't work well in the forum. It's not the highest thing on the priority list.

Sigh, I miss the days when we had like 20 users and we could just do stuff instead of making priority lists. I don't mean I want to go back to those days, just that they were relaxing and exciting.

Should I be sorry for joining snap?

No. It's great that more people joined snap.



oh, ok