Am i the only one?

I found out snap....

by a book lol.

Yea there's this book that features Snap!

@bh do you remember this xd


this is it lol

Anyway i made this game in 2020 with it lol

Does anyone else remember that book?

I have that but scratch

I have the book, but if you mean do I remember you reading it, no, sorry.

Do you have every book about Snap! in existence?

I don't think he does.

No, alas. Not even all the ones in English, I think.

I was actually introduced to Snap! by wanting something like Scratch except with custom reporters.

Same-ish here. I was interested in Snap! for a while (after getting recommendations for it on the forums and wiki), but was still invested in Scratch at the time. Then, a few months later, here I am!

In a way that's true for me, too! And for Jens also.

Wait what, I wanted something like that too, but except I found snap by accident

I mean, I wanted to use Scratch in our curriculum, but it didn't let users write procedures.

I just wanted snap but custom reporters and stuff,

Same, I have a Scratch book looked like this too.