Allow the pen to draw off the stage

This would help any form of text display, where you might need to write lines longer than the stage width.

Oh and it would help if the stage could be scrolled.

Where would it go past the stage? Onto the project page?

No. I guess it would help if the stage itself could scroll.

A scroll featureā€¦ hmmm. But enabled with settings of course.

Project Settings- default settings set by the developer that apply to all who run the project. These can be things like turbo mode and this.

It's a reasonable idea in principle. We already track a sprite's position and heading when it's offstage. But my guess is that it would be a big performance hit; we'd have to maintain a theoretically unlimited huge virtual stage, only a window into which is visible. And, what's the status of events on that extended stage? What if two sprites touch, both beyond the visible window? What if... you get the idea.

So I'm guessing Jens will reject this instantly. It certainly couldn't happen any time soon.

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