Allow multiple people to collaborate at the same time without having to make remixes

This is a feature i don't think any coding site has thought of yet,so yay me.Anyways,i want a feature that allows me and my friends to code together on the same project at the same time(i hope this doesn't get closed right now)

You are looking for Smerge, but it is currently offline for some reason. Sorry.


Don't hold your breath, because we're still in putting-out-fires mode, but we definitely plan to allow a project to have more than one person allowed to edit it. This is something schools want, to support pair programming, so it's fairly high priority,

As for letting more than one person edit at the same time, that's a much, much more complicated thing to arrange, but we are friends with one of the developers of, a startup that offers a simultaneous-editing feature to web sites, and we've started a conversation about adapting Snap! to their technology. But that would be years away. Don't hold your breath.

Thank you Mr.Harvey.Team Gamer of our very snap coding thanks you for the help and i'm glad that you didn't ban me for this topic(Mr.Jens,since i can't do his family name correctly cause of my chrome,has been closing my topics)

Oh, I didn't mean to undo the close; once there's an answer it should be closed.

I don't know why you guys never believe that we're not going to ban you over trivial things.