All syntax for python

So I'm working on python editor with lighted commands (syntax) and I need a all python commands. Can someone send link to something (if it's) tied up with it or tell if you have other solve with this.

If it's wrong category, please tell me this

Are you writing the python editor in Snap!?

Yes, I'm trying.

Edublocks is a block-based python editor (written by a friend of mine)

Have a look there to see which commands he has implemented

Interesting, thanks. It can be enough.

Alright, here are some commands that I know of:

Basic commands I know

print("Hello World!") or print('Hello World!') - Prints out the string in the quotation marks.

str(int) - Converts something that isn't a string and makes it a string.

if(True == True): - An if statement. Do I need to say anything more?

while True: - A forever loop.

while(Condition == Condition1): - A "repeat until" loop but in Python!

import - Imports a library.

def(In1, In2): - Makes a function. You can add more inputs if you want, or just have 1 input instead.

if not (True == True): - Basically an "if not" statement.

Random Library commands I know

random.randint(MinNum, MaxNum) - Makes a random number

Uhh, I know these commands by it's so small to Python Editor.

Woah! That website is really cool!

He/She didn't actually make it...

You may also take a look at blockly.

  • sorry cannot post link.
    https:// github .com/ google/blockly

https:// developers .google .com/ blockly/


Is it gonna be just like my C# Emulator?

Yeah. I know.

Also useful, thanks :slight_smile: