All of ten_6044's OC's!

Yeah, I have like 101 OC's and that's a lot! Hope you like it!

OC's from 101 to 200 at post 4 below.

I don't have that many but I have many variations :sweat_smile:

(some logos were used to identify my different machines quickly when I ssh or vnc into one of them. i don't use ubuntu anymore, but I used to use it as my server for everything.)

my favorite in probably number 40 btw :slight_smile:

Wow, that's a lot! Welcome to the thread to share them.

I have added 100 more OC's, from $$101$$ to $$\red{200}$$! Hope you like it.

Windows Logo.png
PetPet Logo.gif
Ukraine Logo.png (hey, I remember that one!)

Woah there!

Why not make a game or a project with it? Thanks to this many characters you can easily keep the atmosphere extroverted and populated. It would look truly exciting!

I'm curious as well, when did you make all these OCs?

I started from Seven and Ten, which were made before June 1. Then I added 1-100 in July 3-7, then 101-200 in July 7-9. I'm currently working on 201-300 now.

why so many though?

Yeah, for beating the world record my animations and stuff so you won't get bored, and have tons of characters to choose from.

I decide to reach 1,000.

If you make this many characters, can I create a dataset (Snap! list) for people to search characters from?

Of course, you can do it whatever you want.