All cloud saving wont work

Cloud saving isn’t working no matter what i do, it wont load my projects or anything.
I’ve relogegd multiple times and still nothing

I’ve also gotten the message “the draft is being edited in another tab” while I was writing this message

Whenever I try to save I just get

Try again, maybe you just hit a time when the server was overloaded.

But if this is a persistent problem, then it's something wrong in your browser. What you should do is save your project locally (File :file_icon: > Export project) and then hard-reload Snap! (hold down shift while reloading).

I did fix it but the fix was entirely restating my device

Not with the restart button but by pressing power off and power on

Using the restart option is usually the best way to restart your computer, because shutting down doesn't do a full restart.

For me it’s the opposite

Oh that’s because I wasn’t using it on pc

What you're trying to do is eliminate obsolete Snap! components from your browser's cache. You can do that by emptying the cache altogether in the browser's Settings, or you can just hard-reload Snap!. But power cycling the computer doesn't affect the browser's cache.

Well it worked :p
Guess it was just a random thing

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