AI learning homework


i tried making ai learn homework, it turned out that the ai is dumb

Bruh, AI here be dumb.

The reason your "AI is dumb" is because other AI's are trained by databases, as yours is trained by guesses.

Adding 2 randoms creates another random, so this code is pretty much
this code.

To make it clearer, you're adding the 2 lowest numbers it can choose to get 2, and the 2 highest numbers it can choose to get 20.

it was the easiest way to do it

If you want "real" AI, you can train it on a list of Answers & Questions.

Or, you know, try an actual AI. I saw a video about how AI can't draw a circle.

How can I make my own AI and train it like that? Will it need SciSnap!?

i dont have money to pay for one (all of them need money)

I mean, you could just look up videos of AI being dumb.

my phone is broken, its being repaired

i cant access youtube, only my phone can (also, other platforms are blocked in iran)


AI is naturally dumb. Hell, even Humans were dumb when they were first born. That's what evolution is all about :person_shrugging:

...Not what I meant.

If YouTube isn't blocked, watch this great video series by ThreeBlueOneBrown. (link later)

If YouTube is blocked, here's a quick rundown:

AIs are powered by neural networks, like our brains!

In an AI, a neural network is made up of Neurons, which are nodes connected together by a connection.

Each Neuron has a value stored for the other neurons in two variables, weight and bias.

To train the AI, You start with a bunch of "brains" with random values, then pick one of the best performing, and "kill off" the rest. Then, you make a bunch of copies of the best performing one, with some random alterations. Then, you repeat the process all over again, with the new brains.

(This is from memory, and is probably wrong someway.)

An "Actual AI" is the same thing, but with a huge supercomputer behind it, and trillions of neurons.

Yeah, but a Actual AI isn't just a random number generator, like the AI here is.

They also use beefy CPU's and chips to run, which is the main reason why NVidia, the Graphics Card Company, also powers the AI Industry - GPU's run faster than CPU's which makes them the optimal solution to running AI Software or training AI.

I wonder how AI would look like if we used a Quantum Computer to train it instead. Apparently ChatGPT took a few years to train and make, but if we had a Quantum Computer (which theoretically can solve unsolvable Internet Encryption Keys in a matter of seconds) we could have trained ChatGPT way faster.

Not necessarily. You'd have to rework the way we train AIs to work with the quantum nature of QCs. (Plus, the QCs of now are like the mainframes of yesterday: big and slow.)

That's something I, to be honest, never would have thought to see.

Hold on, you 2 aren't factoring the possibility of self-awareness. What happens then? Like ChatGPT being self-aware is bad enough, but what about other AI (like as a example)?

They can't. It's just a computer program that crunches numbers in a sophisticated way.