Ai in scratch

i need some help from @slate_technologies with ai
this is for me and slate bc slate is banned on scratch so he cant help me.
also i dont know what category this would be.
if your not slate then please dont reply.

ok so my friend has hired me to make a game. it need ai's tho.
here it is: i need to know how to make a enemy that runs and jumps after the player (dont mind the costume.)

i have to get off for the day. bye.

I know what you need. You need a way for the AI to know what routes the AI could take.

You need a system us Unity programmers and game developers call "NavMesh". You need pathfinding AIs.

I made a pathfinding prototype in just 1 hour. Here's the files! I'll put them in Google Drive and you watch.

cant do that. google drive is locked down. only thing i can do is snap! and scratch.

Fine, I guess I can convert the project to Snap! with Snapinator. But it might break some stuff.

BAHHHHH! Why did I have to get banned on Scratch?! I was accused of being an alt account of another banned account. That's all I could say. IF I DIDN'T GET BANNED ON SCRATCH THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

Anyways, I'll give you the link once I convert it.


Dammit, it broke. sighs I guess I have to ask for your gmail (And get banned from the Snap! Forums forever in the process) you have another Google Drive account, one where Google Drive ain't blocked for you? Or something?

no... hey why dont you just tell me what to do?

Just download it...

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