AI guessing colors, made with NNpad

heres my attempt at making AI guess colors with NNpad (its kinda dumb)

i had to put the editor link because the embed link got broken

When you make the data random every time it's impossible for the AI to learn.

when you train a neural network it has to grade itself to know how to adjust. in order to do this you need to know the actual answer and see what my answer is. then you adjust the neurons, this repeats hundreds if not thousands of times until the model is as accurate as possible with the current neuron setup

So couldn't he just give the AI extra data to start with so he doesn't have to repeat the process thousands of times? Maybe speed it up so it isnt making one guess every second?

no. his goal is to train it in snap! that would defeat the purpose of his idea. tho it should be sped up and the training logic should be done very differently

I agree about the training logic. He keeps making the data shuffled every time so the AI can't learn. To be honest, I think it should be sped up to 1 guess every 0.5 second, because even 100 iterations would take 200 seconds if the AI is only making one guess every two seconds.

edit: i didnt mean 0.1 guess every 2 second

so this is my closing tip. Go on Youtube and learn the basics of how Neural Networks are made.

I'll do that when I get home, or if I get time.

my bad there is a way to retain trained data. I looked up the broker and it said you can retain stuff in MQTT so I looked on forums and it turns out that @dardoro already figured this out

Matt test script pic

Matt test script pic (1)

well, for me, theres no other way, randomness is the only thing i could think of

i could give it prebuilt data to work with, but later

i think i should train it more, instead of 10 training processes

update: that didnt work

Just make the answers that the AI needs to guess same every time.

Even when the server's side is turned off? That's neat.

you mean only giving 1 instead of 2 or 3?

No, give all 1 2 and 3, but don't shuffle it every time.

i dont even know how to unshuffle it

Why not use variables? When you save the project the variables are saved as well.