AI Chatbot

This is a (poorly made) language-processing AI that tries to respond to your questions.

How it Works

  • The program splits a large piece of text into sentences.
  • The program uses the end-user-provided question to find words in the database.
  • The program generates a sentence by reconstructing words it finds in the question.

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Can we use this to replace Spike in OS7?

not replace, but can we add this as an app?

you want a really dumb ai to be an app in your os??

also it takes up a lot of space for the database


its a really dumb chatbot


oh nvm

DumbChatbotSnap should probably use GPT-3 AI to do something similar. It has a much bigger database which has been trained on for a LONG time.

Can you imagine how slow this would run using such a large database like that? The AI is already slow enough.