Aftershock Beta 1.4 - Disc 3 update

Sorry Guys for being late lol!

Aftershock beta 1.4 is here

Disc 3 is now here!

Play it now! Aftershock!

Off topic

Technically Snap+ is more of a Snap! editor in Snap!, not a mod. You should know that mods are downloadable mods and use the source code of Snap!, not a Snap! editor in Snap!. You know that, do you?

On topic (I promise!)

The game is too fast for me...

This wouldn't be off-topic if you would have posted it in the correct topic.

I added something that IS on topic. Hopefully that satisfies you.

No, it doesn't. You're supposed to not post off-topic things at all. There are topics for them, or if there aren't, you can create a new one.

Who asked you?

Just don't post off-topic things at all.

I know. Snap+ is not a mod