AdventOfCode2021 - Day 2

This is a thread to discuss Day2

It is VERY important NOT to write any public spoilers :slight_smile:
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This is my first successful run at part 1

duration = 35ms

Very simple method (as usual) :slight_smile:

This is my first successful run at part 2

duration = 30ms

For me - today's puzzle was quite an easy one
It didn't take much to alter Part 1 to complete Part 2

It'll still be interesting to see the HOF solutions for it though :slight_smile:

Another version for Part 2


Here's my solutions

part 1

Part 2

and anyone who wants all my solutions, here's my project with them.

Part2, slightly over-complicated as I expected actions vocabulary to be extended , 1000ms for 1000 route items

Aoc1-2 script pic (9)


Part2, ~36ms with improved lookup for 1000 items

Aoc1-2 script pic (10)

Part 1



Part 2

11.7 seconds without warp block (very slow)
79ms with warp block !


with the small input...


in this version, we can visualize the submarine is flying because the submarine go up... hahaha, it's a subplane !

late for this lol but

Part 1

Part 2

uses look up list for actions to make it easy to pick the right one

oh cool u did similar to what i did!