Advent of code 2022

Are you ready for Advent of code 2022 ?

Yes :slight_smile: Been practising by doing some from 2015 and 2016


I am so ready.

I try this one: Day 6 - Advent of Code 2015
i have problems to import the data for part 1
the block completely freeze on the screen (too many data into it)
the block can't be executed or moved on the screen...

can you try it for me plz
(copy/paste the input data into the set block)

like this:

When you have a long string in a block - it can take a VERY long time to do any operation on it

What I do is put the set input on the stage - I always delete any old one by right-clicking on it - never paste new data into a long old one

I then drag new set block out and paste into that

Also, I make sure no input watcher on stage as well but that might not make any difference - not sure

[edit] Just tried out 2015 Day 6 - all OK

can you open this project and try to move the block on the screen

for me, the block is frozen! (fire fox, win7)

edit: It's seem to be a browser issue... No problem when i use this in chrome...

For me, the block just disappears (even the scroll bar disappears also, but not always)

This maybe caused by the canvas limitations.

That one isn't frozen for me but I run into issues like that that so I just delete and re-add the set block, enter information and click on it once and then leave it alone

Can you try it in forefox plz

Yep - doesn't move in Firefox (probably does move but will take a long long time) Win11