Advent Of Code 2022 - Day 7

Finally getting organised the night before :slight_smile:
This is a thread to discuss Day 7

It is VERY important NOT to write any public spoilers :slight_smile:
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As usual, it's the one requiring recursion that has done for me :frowning:

Part 1

advent of code 2022 script pic (11)

The entire reason why I used a (line #) input, was because it wouldn't work correctly if I used a script var. I need it to reset to 1 whenever the script is first ran, then when I call (this script) recursively, it has to continue where it left off.

Man I actually love how snap keeps variable context in rings, and I absolutely love the (this script) reporter. It really makes this kind of recursion easier. I literally spent a while trying to figure out how I would be able to do it with running the block, but I couldn't find a good solution, so I decided to call (this script). It allows the (line #) variable to continue from the current line I'm on, and also when it's finished, the variable continues where it was at the end of the call, meaning, I don't need to add to it to continue at the end of a $ ls dir.

Part 2

Custom blocks are reused from part 1

Man, this was super fun.


Well done :slight_smile:

I'm going to move onto day 8 and come back to this one if I get time

Managed to do part 1 after leaving it for a day :slight_smile:

Part 1