Advanced 3D Rendering

Hi, I want to see if one would be able to make a multi-step three-dimensional graphics engine using Snap!

My Idea would be to use;

  • A multi-step raycasting,(using multiple "Scenes" to represent different layers of a room)

  • A 3D Block model Engine that could also be configured into different shapes

  • An Image stretching/enlarging/modifying engine to stretch a graphic texture over the aforementioned block model engine

  • Some sort of color-coded system on the raycasting engine to tell the game whether a line is a Wall or a specific Object

  • And finally a system that would tell the 3D Block Model engine to load up a shape because the Raycasting system found that objects Color Code in the room, and being able to place it properly and to the correct size

this is all Hypothetical and very complex, I am open to any suggestions, advice, or help

have a wonderful day!

So, the development of this concept is moving along, here is my Multi Raycast engine, feel free to use and modify, the next step is a 3D block model engine with graphics maps that can correlate to the raycasting engine

Multi Raycast:


would you mind helping me somewhat recreate your project?

but it would have to be able to make more than a cube and would have to move around based on camera position and rotation

if you have any suggestions or code, I would highly appreciate it

i have made tutoriels in scratch
a simple 3d engine

and an "optimisation" of the calcul of 3d rendering
(the axe z is unuseful )

I know the whole math of doing this, I was referring to your project here on Snap! in which you used Three.JS to stretch images, I was thinking of using that system and aligning those shapes to markers in my multi raycasting engine so that I could place objects with textures in a 2D plane

i try to use three.js in a project,but it isn't work
I have just create instead a stretching block in javascript

I was referring to your 3D picture cube

it's the same block

3d texture picture block script pic

would there be any way to make an object on the fly?

what I mean is, if my raycast comes back and sees red, could it make a red block around the raycast of the red block?

i cant help you for raycast

pretty much a block model engine that just lines up with a raycast image, so that you only have to set up an object, give it a color ID and then set up a map on my multi raycast, and instead of a block in the raycast it would be a 3D object with a texture, like your 3D cube

I would use your block but the points would be set up using the ray cast engine

look inside the cube project, there is a yellow block
textured 3d cube script pic (1) you can add a fourth input to add a texture, i can't help no more, because I gave up 3d projects on snap, it’s too heavy

ok thanks for your help, I'm going to try and make a 3D engine to make points and cubes on the raycast data, and then I will probably make modifications to your blocks to fit that system