What I have so far/source code to base off of: WIKIearth

I need help making a Search Bar for a WIKI I want to make called WIKIearth,

Reference photo*

I have looked and searched so many times and tested so many times one I find online, they either do not work or do not work in the way I need.

The search bar needs to be able to show a table of results (similar to this) and results are webpages (ie /index.html)

Meaning if you search, H it would come up like this:
Results for search:
<a href=“/wikihello.html” style="text-decoration: none”>


<a href=“/wikihi.html” style="text-decoration: none”>


For some reason </ a > will not show up:/

Thank you so much!

Sorry for the ping! This is really bugging me.


A input box that when you click the submit button it attempts to open /input.html ??? If there is no other way.