Addition Operator Block

Untitled script pic

I was playing around with some of the operator blocks, and I dragged an addition reporter into another. The highlight around the blocks became red, and one of the reporters became a "sum" reporter. What happened?

You hovered over the arrowheads at the end of the inner block, and instead of providing inputs to that block one at a time untitled script pic you gave them all at once untitled script pic (1). Nothing to do with the linguists' use of asterisk to flag ungrammatical text (i.e., no native speaker of the language would say it that way).

Oops. I attached the wrong photo. I'm sorry. LOL.

I updated the post with the actual photo.

Yeah, so when you use a single list of numbers as the input to + instead of using two or more separate numeric inputs, it no longer makes sense for the block to have an infix name. In this case, SUM gets the meaning across.

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