Adding custom blocks to the Snap! library

Does anyone know how I could add my custom blocks to the Snap! library? I think they could be very helpful.

Some of my custom blocks include these:

snap.berkeley .edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=bruh9000&ProjectName=Python%20Interpreter%205.0

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Umm. We very rarely include a coherent (all about the same topic), well documented (comments on the hat blocks of procedures to serve as help screens), debugged, original user-donated library in the collection, but we don't encourage collections of largely unrelated blocks.

Your collection include blocks of the Strings library, plus a few unrelated extras. Instead of just accumulating blocks, start by what you want your library to be about.

Ok, I have improved everything and put all the 4 different possible library ideas I have into one project. I've documented every block with the comment on the hat block, and so much for the Python block that it actually runs off of the screen... I hope this is better, now that it is cleaner and easier to understand.!%20Library%20Collections

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