Adding a Snap Discord

We should add a forum topic/section called "General" for things like casual/non-snap discussion, as well as a Discord.

We have "uncategorized"; isn't that good enough?

I didn't see uncategorized sorry lol, and yeah. But I think a discord would be cool for more "active" chat.

Yea but its also kind of strange at least since discord ToS requires users to be 13 or older (not even with a guardian allowing them) when I know a lot of children that really like using tools like scratch and snap at early ages. Highly doubt there will be something on the Snap! website that is nearly as complex as discord though.

Under 13 yeah, we can just say its for people 13+. Also, under 13 people can join if they contact the server admin (Just a simple COPPA requirement) and they dont collect data on them :smiley:

Oh no! It's like Voldemort, say its name and it shows up. :~(

Seriously, we are trying so hard not to collect any Personally Identifying Information. It's bad enough that we need an email address for password resets.

I'm terrified that someone sues the university for some problem here, and they shut us down.

So, let's hold off on more social media stuff until we're sure we can handle what we have already. We haven't really seen much use of the forum, actually. A lot of it seems to be adults complaining because Snap! isn't the same as Language X, where X ≠ Scheme.

Just request that your users are 13+, and if not that they have agreed with their parents. That should nullify you from COPPA.

They are making noises about requiring more than just the user's word for it. Validating a credit card number or driver's license is the typical thing. And we also have to worry about GDPR, and the new California privacy law that takes effect next month, etc. This stuff is so not how I want to spend my time!

P.S. Just so I'm not misunderstood: I'm a big believer in privacy. I just wish they could write the laws in a way that doesn't pose insuperable obstacles to nonprofits with no money to pay specialist privacy lawyers. My proposal is the No Repurposing Law, which would say that if I give you some information for a certain purpose, and you use it for some other purpose, you get both hands chopped off. No opt in, no opt out. Very simple, no lawyers needed. ("You" = the officers and directors, if a corporation.) (Trivia fact: Google abandoned "Don't be evil" as a corporate slogan right when they discovered the idea of targeted advertising.)

Nerveless, we do have the forums, so what's the point?

What if someone creates an unofficial Discord? That might be a better idea for now.

Obviously you can do whatever you want, if you make it clear we're not sponsoring it. My (brief) experience with Discord is (true to its name) the level of conversation isn't so great. I don't know why that should be, and maybe it doesn't have to be.

Yeah, Discord isn't exactly made for serious conversation, but it can still be fun.

Yes, Discord could be a good platform to share projects and communicate, and also get help; but a couple of things I think about might be that the forums could potentially become desolate because everyones asking questions over discord so people will not be able to google or search for similar issues or queries, and also it would require a bit of moderation to keep things kid-friendly.

Like they've said before, if it's something you want to do, go ahead, but it might start sidechaining the community if it becomes more "useful" or "popular" than the current means of discussion and such. It could also be a good platform for the developers of Snap! however, one where they would more easily be able to talk to multiple people and reach out for ideas and things like features to implement into the standard or default libraries as well as being more engaged with the community (and same with other members).

Maybe this is still a possibility as long as it is well-managed and doesn't turn into the only form of communication about or for Snap!. One of the other main things I worry about as well is harassment and trolling, because some people could turn away if they start realizing that the community is too sour or "toxic," and that might drive other people away too if it gives Snap! members some sort of bad reputation. It also could drive people away because of the level of complexity of creations that might be discussed in the wrong channels, kind of like the reasoning behind the Advanced Topic thing they just started doing.

Overall, just brainstorming, it is good for a couple of things and bad for another handful, but this doesn't necessarily suggest that making a Discord for Snap! would be the end of the project or the holy grail; this is just an observation based on the couple of years I've used Discord for. Hopefully if this does end up being a thing, it doesn't result in the disturbances I've listed. Perhaps people should give it a thought though after thinking about the bigger picture and both the probable / expected future and potential futures of Snap!.

I can help you with moderation and development of Discord Server

I joined a discord server for a game that was about making games, and the community followed all the rules and btw, the developer of the game made the discord server, so yeah, well, I didn't go onto the fan-memes part, so idk what that's like. (the game is called fancade only on ipad and tablet)

I too have a discord server.

I can make it into a project... so... is this a challenge?

Not exactly but unless you plan on potentially violating GDPR and creating an unmonitored or otherwise unmoderated/filtered chat service on a platform designed mostly for a young audience as a Snap! project I wouldn't recommend it.


That makes sense, probably shouldn't, no, definitely shouldn't, but I've got nothing better to do... and I already started... maybe I'll just make a social media instead... that'd probably be better.