Added more custom blocks to the collection
Added: Log Category
Fixed all Render/Advanced Render blocks

is this intentional?

untitled script pic (9)

untitled script pic (10)

Is it supposed to be:

untitled script pic (11)



wasnt intentional, i couldnt get it working

If you want it to report the second picture, then switch (ADD (input) TO (log)) with (ADD (item) TO (log))

add item to log?

You can drag the upvar (item) from the (FOR EACH (item) in (input)) block. Allowing you to use it somewhere else in the same script.

untitled script pic (3)


when i tried that, it didnt add anything

It's because you put log instead of input

It worked for me, I wonder what is wrong.

that would make sense, forgot how blocks worked for a second. thanks!

any block suggestions i should add?