Add trust levels

This is another request to keep the JS function in Snap!. Please make the JS function only available to those at trust level 1 or higher.

It's only the forum that has trust levels, and TL1 is everybody who's been around any length of time. And we don't really use any other levels for anything.

Anyway, I don't know that "trust" is really so very measurable. I mean, just for example, I'd trust @helicoptur with my life. But while I was asleep last night he got into a flame war. And, is he above an April-Fool's-Day project using JSFunction? I'm not sure I'm above that, let alone any of y'all.

No, if we started moving in that direction, it'd turn out that "trusted" in this context would mean adult, which would make a lot of our users very unhappy.

We're not just abruptly going to cancel JSF. For example, we're discussing whether it would be viable to allow JSF-using projects only when not logged in. That would eliminate danger to people's cloud accounts, which is our main concern.

What is a flame war?

Oh gosh, you must be new to the Internet. Run away, while there's still time!

A flame war is a conversation, especially an online one, in which the participants insult each other, because clearly anyone who disagrees with me must be an idiot. They happen a lot, although I hope not so often here. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you'll find out, especially on Twitter and Facebook and so on.

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