Add the "blur", "pointillize", "saturation" and "water ripple" graphic effects

Please add the "blur", "pointillize", "saturation" and "water ripple" graphic effects (all of which are removed from Scratch) to this programming language!
Here's how each graphic effect work:
"blur" - blurs the sprite
"pointillize" - picks random pixels (or vector points if the costume was a vector) and creates circles with their colors at those locations
"saturation" - adds/removes color; saturation 0 is black and white
"water ripple" - instead of crashing the programming language due to the system not having enough memory like it did with Scratch, it picks random pixels (or vector points if the costume was a vector) and distorts each to give the impression of a water ripple effect

Isnt saturation already in?

Also, i agree with all, but idk what pointilize is.
Mostly blur

"pointillize" does this:

Still not entirely clear.

The way j said it made it sound like it adds polka dots

Pointillize turns a costume into colored dots. Like this:
but the dot colors match the original costume.

The existing "pixelate" is what you want to call "pointillize," isn't it?

you can use for the water ripple effect
click "filters," then "ripples," then "continue to upload" (i think an acc is required)

you can use for the image saturation (you can change the saturation)

you can also use for pixelation

these sites are safe btw, ive used them myself countless times

ok, i realize you want pointilize, not pixelate. lemme do a test

edit: you can achieve the pointilism effect by using photoshop

@shushforshasha thats wut pointilism looks like

Wait, "wut"?

And doesnt photoshop cost money?

We're kids or as somewhere said that the main audience is teens.(i think)

External software isn't such a great help anyway because you want to be able to control the effect in your program. I suppose you could make 100 costumes with different values of the effects, but then think about applying two effects at once.

wut = what

it does, & im also young.

it was just an alternate way to make the pointilize effect since its not easily available on snap

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