Add the ability to do shift-click things on mobile

Right now, you can shift-click/right-click on some things to get more options, but on mobile, there's no shift button, so how am I going to turn off zebra coloring (not that I would) on mobile? Or download a script pic with result?

I don't think you're supposed to use Snap on a mobile

Well it doesn't work well on phones, but should work okay on a tablet. But you're right, I don't know how to shift-click. What does long click (click and hold) do?

Right click

Yeah unfortunately there isn’t a good way to support this right now.

If you have an external keyboard it should work correctly, though that isn’t a complete solution.

We could try to do something like 2 or 3 finger tap and hold but I don’t think this use case is a priority. :frowning:

Sometimes I want to shift-click on the message block so it can broadcast when flag clicked, but I can't do it on mobile

You can do
untitled script pic (9)
(The "__shout__go__" message has a total of 6 underscores.)

Wow! I didn't know you could do that. (I did know about the shout/go thing.)

What are the things you want to do?

I didn't know either until I mentioned that I wanted to be able to do press flag from bingo on the bingo topic.

I want that.

Also I don’t know how, but once whenever I pressed something it would be like I was holding shift...