Add text for the paint editor

I think this would be helpful because I wouldn't have to go to third-party websites

but I think adding a text feature would be helpful.

bh has already said they are well aware of the limitations of this editor and plan to revamp it eventually.

oh! thanks

I agree. This would really be a good thing to have. I usually go to FontMeme or smth. Scratch already has this feature, right?

yea they have a text feature

I agree BUT the developers may not have enough time do add this as before they have said that the paint editor will stay as is for some time.

You know you're only supposed to mark a post as solved if it actually solves your problem, right?

This was a feature request that has been answered time and time again, I was just reiterating it.

Do anyone check the *Your topic is similar to...? before making topic?

An amazing example of what I mean.

I do, not sure if anyone else does.

At most let's hope Snap! Developers will done text for the paint editor.

i do, sometimes...

sometimes is sometimes...

uh ok.

you need to all the time. it's really annoying to have duplicate topics.

Yes, but need is understanding for users, because they might don't know that they make a next duplicate- even it though with my post:

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